La Trobe University


The NDSNGA Inc. has sought, for some time, to have a seat on LaTrobe University’s Alumni Committee and in March 2016 we were successful.  The benefit for NDSNGA Inc means a closer working association with the University as well as providing links and networking opportunities.  The NDSN is an antecedent institution of LaTrobe University and membership of the Alumni is open to all those who passed through the NDSN. Regularly throughout the year, the Alumni provides Downtown Lectures at the Visual Arts Centre in View Street Bendigo.  These lectures, generally on topical subjects, are open to the public and are advertised on the LaTrobe University website, in the Bendigo Advertiser, by email to Alumni members, and by word of mouth.  Membership of the Alumni is open to all NDSNGA Inc. members and costs $15/year.  Check out the LaTrobe University website—Alumni section.  Stay tuned; we are always looking at the possibilities for lectures throughout the year and during 2017 included a session on the transfer from the old Bendigo Hospital to the new Bendigo Hospital.  Jenny Pata is the NDSNGA rep on the Alumni Committee.


2024 – Steven Comer

(this will be the final recipient of this award, as the NDSNGA will be concluding as an organisation following our final reunion in April 2025)

2023 – Ayesha Siriwardana

2022 – Jason Delfossa

2021 – Brittney White & Ashley Ryan.

2020 – Breanna De Marchi.

2019 – Mehret Hill.

2018 – Billie Harris.

2017 – Whensday Shearman.

2016 – Courtney Jury.

2015 – Joel Hards.

2014 – Kelli Maree Gurnett.

2013 – Emily Megan Rule.

2012 – Carly Hickson.

2011 – Aimee Lisa Grinter.

2010 – Nadia De Vecchi.

2009 – Ebony Dallas Coles.

2008 – Jo Farrell.

2007 – Jasmin Kara Bell.

2006 – Melanie Rose Jarvis.

2005 – Joanne Elizabeth Maslen.

2004 – Kate Koch.

2003 – Catherine Joy Wilby.

2002 – Frances Margaret Reed.

2001 – Craig Lachlan Sloan.

2000 – Joanne Catherine Zoch.

1999 – Gavin Victor Pead-Ferenczi.

1998 – Elise McKinlay Dickson.

1997 – Kevin John Prime.

1996 – Susan Seamer.

1995 – Unknown.

1994 – Unknown.

1993 – Unknown.

1992 – Chris Dyson.

1991 – Melissa Campbell.

1990 – Kelly-Ann Stancombe.